3 Things You Should Know About the 2020 Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV

September 8th, 2020 by

Throughout its many years in the industry, Alfa Romeo has consistently stayed ahead of the innovation game that is especially impressive when you consider that this brand has been making heads turn since 1910.

This reputation has grown into the modern era, particularly when they released their new SUV offering the Alfa Romeo Stelvio four years ago. This model has undergone a transformation that fans of this brand are going to love. Here are three things that you need to know about the Stelvio SUV.

Stelvio SUV Style and Design

Sticking to the distinct look of the Alfa Romeo Giulia, you get the iconic and sleek exterior that fans have grown to love from this brand. The exterior only recently received some minor, but very welcomed changes that help refresh this 2020 model. One of the updates customers can choose from includes a body-color appearance kit. With this kit, you can select side sills and fender flares. You can also have the rear fascia finished in whatever color matches the rest of your exterior. There are also Dark Miron and carbon fiber appearance kits for those who want a nice contrast. For color options, Alfa Romeo added Lunare White Metallic and Anodized Blue Metallic exterior color options.

Stelvio SUV Safety and Entertainment Technology

People love their technology, which is very true for their cars as well. There’s no shortage of the latest technology with the Stelvio SUV. Known for their ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System), you get plenty of driver convenience and safety technology with this 2020 model. Some of these essential functions include lane keep assist, highway/traffic jam assists for those with longer commutes, driver attention alerts, traffic sign recognition, and active blind-spot monitoring. There’s also the new 8.8-inch touchscreen dashboard display. This screen is a massive improvement over its predecessor, boasting a faster processor and a much-improved interface.

Stelvio SUV Driving and Comfort

Most of the improvements that people will notice in this new model can be found in the interior. In addition to the tech upgrades that have already been mentioned, they added new features to the interior that transform an already refined interior into something more incredible. There is a softer leather on the SUV’s center console, a thicker steering wheel, and storage for your phone that offers wireless charging.

While people have their ideas of what an SUV is, this SUV doesn’t like to follow the rules. The SUV is dripping with sportiness, offering the power of a sportier car while still offering the benefits of the SUV. In addition to the power of its engine, you also get a smooth driving experience.

While some may view these changes as minor, they are still enough of an improvement to refine this already stellar brand further. With the Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV, you don’t have to sacrifice performance for function. Instead, you will enjoy the best of both worlds so that you can drive in style.

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