A Deep Dive into the New Alfa Romeo Giulia Infotainment System

May 26th, 2020 by

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Infotainment system is an incredible modern upgrade compared to the previous system.

The changes Alfa Romeo has put out in a year is incredible. This is truly one of the best Alfa Romeo Giulia infotainment systems yet.

Upgraded Display

Before even taking a look at the new features of the infotainment system, it is essential to note its upgraded design. In one update, Alfa Romeo went from a list view infotainment system with just a knob to navigate to a fully 8.8-inch touchscreen system with graphics and widgets. The new infotainment system essentially allows the owner to create a home page where each function becomes an app. They can scroll through the apps and drag-and-drop them as they wish. They can also switch the display between a 3- or 5-widget view. As we are all familiar with touchscreens and apps nowadays, the new infotainment navigation system is much more user friendly.

The “Apps” 1 by 1

  • You can scroll between radio (FM/AM) and media (Bluetooth connectivity)
  • From the home screen, you can view the navigation widget and make it bigger, so it takes up the space of two apps or even makes it full screen. There is also a compass feature.
  • Scroll up through the driver assistance widget for more settings. From here, you can adjust the safety settings for the Giulia, such as blind-spot assist, lane-keeping assist, driver attention assist, and many more.
  • There is also a climate control app, which can be accessed from the lower left- and right-hand corners of the touchscreen through the “Lo” button. Of course, this on-screen feature is added to the knobs that come standard with all cars. Whether from the screen or with the knobs, the Giulia offers individual climate control (per seat). There is also the option of added heated seats, though Alfa Romeo has not introduced ventilated seats yet.
  • The performance app features four main categories to check in on the Giulia: performance content, technical gauges, consumption history, and efficient drive. This app assists you with your driving history to keep an eye on your oil, boost, and torque displays as you drive.
  • The vehicle information app informs about any scheduled maintenance based on the information of the Giulia’s oil and tires. There is also a check oil feature, where you will find the DNA system (dynamic, natural, and advanced driving modes).
  • The settings app is pretty standard but worth a flip through the options to be familiar with when they are necessary.
  • The connected service’s app has three options: Assist call, SOS call, and Wi-Fi Hotspot. This app is for advanced onboard connectivity and to boost safety. The Assist call and SOS call services call the assist call center and emergency services in case of an emergency. The SOS call service will even send your location. The Wi-Fi Hotspot service is a paid service that allows Wi-Fi to be shared on up to 8 onboard devices.


Finally, the Alfa Romeo Giulia Infotainment system also comes standard with Apple Car Play and Google Android Auto.

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