How the Alfa Romeo Giulia Stacks Up Against Its Competitors

May 26th, 2020 by

The Alfa Romeo Giulia has set the tone for all future models from the Italian company, and it has shown us that it has set its sights North towards Munich and Stuttgart.

The Giulia is Alfa Romeo going straight after BMW’s M3, Audi A4, and Mercedes-AMG C63, with a clear intent of dethroning M3’s long reign as the superior model in this category, and it not only goes for the hot Giulia Quadrifoglio but all Giulia models.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Engine

The Giulia’s engine, a 2.9L Twin-turbo V6 is “inspired by Ferrari expertise and technologies,” and comes from the engine family of the F154. BMW’s 493bhp twin-turbo 3.0, which is not on par with the 503bhp output by this direct-injection engine. It is everything one could hope from Ferrari-inspired machinery, potent, responsive, noisy, and sharp. When it comes to power, the Giulia manages to go toe to toe with the C63’s 4-litre twin-turbo hot-V V8.

While the M3 would probably outperform the Giulia in terms of agility, response, and grip, the Alfa has a fantastic flow going for it. It has a natural balance given by weight distribution that is less aggressive, not as tightly controlled as its German counterpart. When it comes to steering, the sharp steering and supple suspension combine positively together when you turn the wheel.  The Giulia is less intimidating than the BMW M3; it moves much more gracefully. Traction is also reliable and, even better, predictable.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo Giulia Engine (Atlas News)

The Interior

All Giulia models come with a selector for the drive mode that has three settings: Dynamic, Natural, and Advanced Efficiency (which forms the clever acronym DNA). Each of these settings alters the car’s steering feel, engine management, and transmission. The new Pirelli P Zeros tires are very responsive and have an excellent grip.

The M3 and the Audi A4 indeed have better-quality materials in their cabins, while the Giulia has a not as well built interior if you make a direct comparison. The Mercedes-AMG C63 S also does feel more high-end than the Giulia. The pieces and plastics don’t fit against each other as seamlessly as they do in its competitors. Still, this was a predictable problem area.

All in all, the design work on the inside is marvelous. It is simple, clean, and uncomplicated. The interior also has a more than comfortable rear space and boot size. It carries more of a sporting atmosphere than any of its German counterparts, and it does not let you down. You will want to take advantage of the option of having the Sparco bucket seats, which are carbon fiber-backed. They look excellent, and they are also one of the most supportive and comfortable seats in the market today.

alfa romeo giulia interior

Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Lusso Interior (Alfa Romeo)

The Giulia Is Overall Excellence

The Alfa Romeo Giulia is an excellent luxury sedan, and it is one of the most athletic cars in this class. The Giulia has agile handling, supportive front seats, and two compelling engine options. If you are looking for a small luxury car that feels like a sports car and is fun-to-drive, the Alfa Romeo Giulia is an excellent option in this category.

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