The New 2020 Alfa Romeo Giulia Comes with Lots of Tech as a Standard

April 30th, 2020 by

Luxury car manufacturer Alfa Romeo has made plenty of small tech upgrades for the 2020 Alfa Romeo Giulia that amount to a big difference when it comes to comfort and safety.

The majority of the Alfa Romeo Giulia tech upgrades can be found inside the car and can be divided into three categories: driver assistance, infotainment, and mechanics.

Driver Assistance

The driver assistance features that the Alfa Romeo Giulia Technology introduces are incredible for accident avoidance. The traffic jam and highway assist feature keeps the Giulia in the center lane and uses the positions of other cars as a reference when the lane lines are unclear. The driver can set the speed as well as its desired distance from the car in front of it. This feature is an ample forward collision warning. The active blind spot assist feature works with radar sensors on each side of the rear bumper. It allows the driver to change lanes safely once the direction indicator is enabled. The lane-keeping assist also keeps the Giulia in the lane with the help of a video camera detecting lane markings.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Tech - Driver Assistance

The traffic sign recognition feature recognizes road signs and helps the driver respect speed limits. Finally, the driver’s attention assist tracks the driver’s state of alertness by monitoring the time-driven and the speed and movements of the vehicle. The attention assist will suggest the driver take a break when it registers the driver has been driving too long or that they are making too many sudden movements (not driving the vehicle straight, moving from left to right and back, and the like). These driver assistance features of the Alfa Romeo Giulia Tech provide the driver with an added set of accident protection.


The Alfa Romeo Giulia now comes standard with an 8.8-in infotainment touchscreen display, though it keeps the infotainment knob for times when it is safer to use, such as for scrolling while driving. The infotainment system has a home screen with three tiles that can be configured based on preference. A faster processor and user interface are also new technologies. The graphics have also been upgraded and are more visually pleasing and modern.

The New 2020 Alfa Romeo Giulia Comes with Lots of Tech as a Standard

Alfa Romeo Giulia Tech - Infotainment


The Giulia’s “DNA” drive mode selector offers three driving modes: dynamic, natural, and advanced. Dynamic mode offers a sportier ride, while the advanced is a more comfortable ride.

Alfa Romeo DNA

This knob works with another one of Alfa Romeo Giulia’s new standard tech upgrades, the suspension. This upgrade keeps the wheels perfectly perpendicular to the road at all times, and adjusts the car’s responses to the road according to the drive mode from “DNA.” The Giulia also boasts even weight distribution and all-wheel drive technologies, bringing together safety and performance. Finally, the Giulia also comes standard with a built-in aero splitter to improve airflow underneath the car for a smoother ride.

While all these smalls upgrades are not unique in and of themselves, brought together in one vehicle, they make for a hell of an upgrade and respond to consumer feedback.

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