What’s the difference between all the Giulia Trims?

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If you are looking for an Italian luxury car with a strong racing heritage, Alfa Romeo has it.

You’ve chosen your brand, and you’ve seen the Giulia sedan and decided you’ve got to have one. However, as you surely know, there is an impressive selection to match whatever you might desire. Which one of the Giulia trims is right for you? Only you can know what fits you best, but we can provide you with the information you need to choose the one that better suits your needs. All Giulia sedans (except for the Giulia Quadrifoglio) offer a spirited 280 horsepower 2.0L Turbocharged engine with an German-made ZF 8-speed automatic transmission (ZF8HP).

Alfa Romeo Giulia Trims

Here are the different Giulia Trims you can choose from:

Giulia Base

It might be the base model, but the Giulia is in no way basic. Featuring rear parking sensors and a backup camera with dynamic gridlines, the Giulia can fit in the smallest parking spots. Drivers have the choice of opting between a rear-wheel and an all-wheel drive.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Trims: Base

Giulia Sport

With a more aggressive look, the Giulia Sport is perfect for drivers who are looking for a more edgy feel. This model sports 18-inch aluminum wheels, gloss-black windows, and sporty fascia and rear diffuser.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Trims: Sport

Giulia Ti

In addition to the characteristics of the base model, the Giulia Ti features a heated steering wheel and heated front seats. Additionally, this model comes with an 8.8-inch infotainment display. The Giulia Ti is designed for comfort.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Trims: Ti

Giulia Ti Lusso

As the name indicates, the Ti Lusso is all about providing a luxurious experience.  With Cannelloni-design leather seats, upper door trim with accent stitching, and a leather-wrapped dash, the Ti Lusso stands out for its attention to detail.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Trims: Ti Lusso

Giulia Ti Sport

The Giulia Ti Sport features an 8-speed automatic engine, paired with 19-inch aluminum wheels. With sports pedals, genuine aluminum interior trim, and leather-wrapped sport seats, the Ti Sport will take you on a comfortable, yet thrilling ride.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Trims: Ti Sport

Giulia Ti Sport Carbon

A darker version of the Giulia Ti Sport, the Ti Sport Carbon, includes dark exhaust, badging, and headlamp bezels. The scudetto grille is also edgier looking, as it sports a new dark-colored carbon fiber look. The dark carbon fiber trend continues on the interior, in the upper door trim, the leather-wrapped dash, and the illuminated door sills.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Trims: Ti Sport Carbon

Giulia Quadrifoglio

This model is designed for speed, no question about it. With 443 pounds-per-feet torque and 505 horsepower, the Quadrifoglio will suit every thrill-seeking driver. The inside is equipped with Alcantara seats, carbon-fiber interior trim, and leather-wrapped upper doors and dash.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Trims: Quadrifoglio

Optional: Giulia Nero Edizione Package

The Nero edition is an additional package that can be added to any Giulia trim, except for the Quadrifoglio. The rims, mirror caps, exterior badges, and the area around the grill are all done in the exclusive Alfa Romeo shade, Dark Miron. All Giulia models offer a powerful, thrilling ride for their drivers, as well as a unique interior and top-of-the-line navigation displays.


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